Mission, Vision and Values


Providing exceptional compassionate patient care through education, response, and transport.


Continuously improving excellent patient services and education while adapting to meet the challenges of our unique island communities.


  • Adopting innovative, island appropriate systems using best practices.
  • Advocating for our patients’ needs.
  • Building leadership and professionalism.
  • Improving patient care and clinical quality.
  • Delivering patient care in an environment of safety, confidentiality, and compassion.
  • Developing a strong sense of camaraderie.
  • Educating to decrease accidents and illnesses and increase community preparedness.
  • Providing clinically relevant training.
  • Fostering communication and cooperation with the community and other agencies.
  • Meeting challenges with flexibility and creativity.
  • Promoting an environment of trust, respect, and safety.
  • Ensuring appropriate management of resources.