Prevention Education

San Juan Island EMS offers many free community prevention education programs:

  • An EMT to come and speak to your school class or assembly.
  • A First Aid or CPR/AED class for your community group.
  • A blood pressure or diabetes screening clinic.
  • A fall prevention talk or personal home fall prevention visit.
  • A free infant or child car seat, or bicycle helmet.
  • Talk about how we can help you with an individualized program.

Information, Registration and Scheduling
Contact Lainey Volk at 378-5152 Extension 3 or by email at for an up to date list of available classes and services.


Our goal is to have an AED unit within a few minutes of every resident of our EMS District. We currently have over AED units deployed throughout the County in ambulances, EMTs cars, Deputy vehicles, community buildings, resorts and in homes of citizens willing to respond to their neighbor’s cry for help.

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