Ofc. Francis Smith

EMS Officer Francis Smith, MS, EMT was born in Paisley, Scotland. After immigrating to the U.S. after a 10-year stopover in Canada, he went to school in California (UCLA, USC, Pepperdine and a stint at Berkeley at the height of the hippy movement) and became a high school biology teacher in downtown Los Angeles. He was promptly drafted by the army, but managed to preemptively enlist in the USAF and eventually became a B-52 aircraft commander with service in the friendly skies of North Vietnam. Following Vietnam, with a basic distrust of aircraft and loud noises in general, Francis embarked on a 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, developing new drugs. At the very first of several companies at which he worked, he met and fell in love with Rebecca (also now an EMT with San Juan EMS). He is an extremely active EMT and a Cape San Juan Officer.

Francis and Rebecca have been on San Juan Island for 20 years and live at the Cape with two tomcats – Charles and Darwin.  Now retired, he spends most of his non EMT time as a naturalist, watercolorist, bookworm and yachtsman/delivery skipper.