About Us

San Juan Island EMS is a county agency providing emergency 9-1-1 advanced life support rescue and transport to the residents and visitors of the Town of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, and the outer islands of Brown, Henry, Pearl, Speiden, Johns, and Stuart.

Our agency operates 3 ground Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU’s) and 3 paramedic first responder vehicles. Our career paramedics and close to 35 EMTs are located throughout the island.

Mission, Vision & Values

San Juan Island EMS’s mission is to serve our community before, during, and after an emergency. We strive to exceed the expectations of our unique island community by upholding the values of trust, teamwork, safety, respect, and commitment.

You can see our strategic plan here.

Protocols & Technology

We are dedicated to providing the best in pre-hospital patient care.
This includes the most relevant medical research and constant continuing education with rapid adoption of new patient care skills and techniques that are medically proven.

Our Protocols:

Our advanced life support protocols are modeled after the most clinically relevant and best science proven pre-hospital care practices in the nation.  They allow for an expansive ability for our paramedics to function off-line with expert physician oversight and online emergency physician experts in the most critical of cases. Some areas of note include:

  1. Bedside 12 lead EKG interpretation with state-of-the-art cardiac care
  2. Medication Assisted Intubation protocols
  3. Advanced STEMI care including TNKase clot busting medications
  4. Extensive pre-hospital medications and interventions
  5. Evidence based therapies and medications
  6. Mechanical ventilation and medication pump therapies