Staff at San Juan Island EMS

We are proud of our dedicated and talented staff and volunteers at San Juan Island EMS.

Our team provides the best 9-1-1 response, transport, and injury prevention services possible to our island residents and guests. We hold national recognition as a top agency in patient satisfaction, as reported by EMS Survey, and one of the best places to experience a cardiac emergency, as reported by the CARES Registry.


Butler, Nathan

Nathan Butler

Johnson, Hannah

Hannah Johnson
Office Manager and PIO

Wambsganss, Steve

Steve Wambsganss
Executive Assistant and Public Records Specialist

Bishop, T.J.

T.J. Bishop
Assistant Chief of Operations and Training

Community Paramedicine, Outreach & Education

Volk, Lainey

Lainey Volk
Director of Outreach, Community Paramedicine, EMT

Cuddington, Ryder

Ryder Cuddington
Community Paramedicine, Outreach, EMT

Staff EMTs

Bolton, Trevor

Lt. Trevor Bolton

Hill, Sarah

Lt. Sarah Hill

James, Jesse

Lt. Jesse James

Orozco, Humberto

Lt. Humberto Orozco


Davies, Kyle

Kyle Davies
BA, NRP, Paramedic

Koons, Weyshawn

Weyshawn Koons
MFA, CCEMTP, NRP, SEI, Paramedic

Nelson, Ryan

Ryan Nelson
NRP, FP-C, Paramedic

Waldron, Noah

Noah Waldron
NRP, Paramedic

Margaret Longley
BS, NRP, Paramedic

Support Officers

Brumsickle, Winnie

Winnie Brumsickle
Support Officer

Grimes, Debbie

Debbie Grimes
Support Officer

Renke, Cher

Cher Renke
Support Officer


Bacon, Dan

Dan Bacon

Brumsickle, Steve

Lt. Steve Brumsickle

Casacorbi, Hella

Hella Casacorbi

Colley, Dwight

Dwight Colley

Conway, Gabe

Gabe Conway

Creesy, Brad

Brad Creesy

Delazerda, Robin

Robin Delazerda

Dodd, Kyle

Kyle Dodd

English, Kati

Kati English

Harmon, Maddy

Lt. Maddie Harmon

Salinas, John

John Salinas

Mason, Herb

Lt. Herb Mason