We hope that you never need to utilize us in an emergency, but statistics say that the majority of the population will utilize EMS an average of 2-3 times in their lifetime.

We work hard to help you prevent injury and minimize the effects of your illness through proactive public education and injury prevention.  But sometimes, accidents and illness happen.  When you need us, we’ll be there!

Patient Testimonials

We would like to celebrate the high caliber of service the San Juan Island EMS is able to offer to our community. Please share your experience and thoughts in the form on our contact page, your name and email are optional. We will not use your email in the postings.

Praise for SJIEMS

On Sunday evening, November 1st, my wife Helen experienced a medical problem that was beyond my capabilities to handle and so I dialed 911. I was immediately talking to a very capable person who very calmly asked all the right questions and who then assured me that help was on the way.

I did my best to make Helen comfortable, turned on the outside lights, unlocked the door, went back to her and within minutes, the EMT crew walked in the door.

I could then stand back and watch and what I observed was extreme competence, courtesy and caring. After determining that her vital signs were back to normal and they did not think that transport was necessary, they then helped me get her up into bed.

I doubt that there is a better EMS group anywhere in the world than the team that we lucky people have here in the San Juan Islands. Thanks guys! Nate Benedict


I want to thank you for your indispensable and very professional help last Monday in getting me from home to the Medical Center. My joints were essentially frozen up, and I could never have got there without your assistance. After a few days in the hospital, I am now home, the sand is washing from my joints, and all is very much better.

Thanks from my wife and from me, and Merry Christmas, William C. Agosta