Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine
Community Paramedicine Assisting a Patient with Medication Management.

San Juan Island EMS’s Community Paramedicine Program bridges the gap between healthcare providers and the resources people need to stay in their homes, helping to avoid using 911 and the Emergency Room (ER) for preventable health care services and enabling people to get on the road to better health and keeping our first responder’s call volume lower.

The main goals of the Community Paramedicine Program are to improve the quality of life and health for our community. Our Community Paramedicine EMTs identify short and long-term interventions to help improve a patient’s wellbeing.

Services Offered through Community Paramedicine Include:

  • Home assessments (e.g. safety)
  • Patient resource need assessment (e.g. food)
  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, CHF)
  • Assisting patients to manage their own healthcare
  • Acute care response to reduce hospitalizations
  • Supportive care for assisted living populations
  • Support for family caregivers
  • Post-discharge follow-up to prevent readmissions
  • Medication reconciliation and compliance
  • Behavioral health follow-up to increase attendance at appointments
  • Assessment with triage and referral
  • Vaccinations
  • Wound management

We are referred patients from Peace Island Medical Center ER (PIMC), 9-1-1 first responders, the San Juan County Health Department, Hospice of San Juan, primary care doctors, Compass Health and family members.

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