Intricacies of an EMS Call

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It’s four o’clock in the morning and you find that you can’t wake up your partner. After an agonizing moment, you decide you need to call 911. Dispatch takes your call; they determine where you are and ask you questions about the situation. They may even guide you through CPR on the phone. In most…
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San Juan EMS Building Sign

2021 Paramedic Response Times for San Juan Island EMS

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With the upcoming election, many members of the public have asked questions about various aspects of operations at San Juan Island EMS, including questions regarding paramedic roles in emergency response. As a public agency and a subsidiary of San Juan County Public Hospital District #1, we encourage curiosity from the community in the day-to-day operations…
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Flight Nurse Practitioner Onboard

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San Juan Island EMS and Medevac’s Island Air ambulance is proud to introduce our newest member.  Trish Fenstermacher, MSN, ACNP, RN, CFRN, CEN jpoins the Island Air Ambulance team as both Flight Nurse Practitioner as well as Critical Care Education Officer.  Trish has over 20 years as a paramedic, registered nurse and flight nurse in…
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