WEMT/WFR Refresher Course


Wilderness EMT/WFR Refresher is a 16 hour re-certification course. Course locations vary throughout the San Juan Islands, each utilizing a combination of classroom time and trips throughout the island wilderness to put your knowledge into an experiential “classroom” on the trail.

This Refresher recertifies the wilderness component for current WEMTs and WFRs. This course does not certify street EMTs to the wilderness level (see EMT Module).

Please note: you must begin the recertification process before your current certification expires. If you have questions concerning recertification, please refer to SOLO’s website.


Who Is This Course For?

For certified WEMTs, who want to recertify. The WEMT is designed for people who work, or plan to work, as professional medical personnel on fire departments, rescue squads, and ambulance crews, especially those working far from definitive care (e.g. on rural or wilderness rescue teams).

Do I Get Certified?

Yes. You will receive a SOLO WEMT/WFR re certification, which is good for two years (assuming your EMT certification is current).