Safe Sitter Classes

Safe Sitter

Parents, would your babysitter know what to do if your child began to choke?

Injuries are a part of childhood, but many avoidable and unintentional deaths can be prevented.

Safe Sitter® courses have helped over 500,000 adolescents across the country learn basic lifesaving and safety techniques.

We’re proud to offer the Safe Sitter® course. This medically-accurate course helps young teens aged 11 and up feel more confident in their ability to care for younger children. It can even help them feel more comfortable staying home alone. As a parent, you’ll feel more secure having a Safe Sitter® in your home.

To enroll your sitter or your own son or daughter, call us at 360-378-5152 extension 3 or email us at

The Safe Sitter® program may save someone you love.

What Will I Learn?

Babysitting is important business. Safe Sitter® can teach you the skills to do it well! Safe Sitter® was created by a pediatrician.

Becoming a Safe Sitter® means you’ll gain confidence and learn how to handle situations that may happen on the job. This knowledge will help you in the future too!

What do you learn?

  • How, why and where injuries happen so you can prevent them from happening in the first place.
  • How to decide how serious a problem is if someone is injured.
  • How to get help if you need it.
  • How to keep yourself safe when babysitting.
  • How a child’s age affects how to care for them.
  • How to prevent problem behavior.
  • How to rescue a choking infant or child.
  • How to run your babysitting business.