Education & Prevention

2010-TC-logo-300x62San Juan Island EMS strives to provide comprehensive and up-to-date emergency learning opportunities for our residents and surrounding medical professionals.  We offer certified courses using nationally recognized organizations.


Contact Peggy Long at 378-5152 Extension 103 or email for an up to date list of available classes.


AHA COURSES – minimum 5 students
Airway Management3-5 hours $50.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers3-5 hours $40.00
BLS Skills Exam Only1 hour $20.00
STEMI8 hours $50.00
Heartsaver CPR/AED3 hours $45.00
Heartsaver First Aid4 hours $45.00
Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED7 – 8 hours $90.00
Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid8 hours$45.00
Heartsaver Skills Exam$35.00
CPR in Schools2 hours$10.00
CPR/AED Family & Friends30-60 min $20.00
First Aid Skills Exam Only30-60 min $35.00
Family & Friends CPR (Non-certified)2 hours Free
Family & Friends First Aid for Children1 hour Free
Family & Friends First Aid (Non-certified)1 hour Free
*BLS Instructor8 hours $100.00
PEARS Course8 hours $100.00
Bloodborne Pathogens for Workplace $10.00
Bloodborne Pathogens (AHA) $15.00
Heart Saver Course Completion Cards $20.00
Replacement AHA Card $20.00
Infectious Disease for HCPs4 hours $30.00
Infectious Disease (NSC)2 hours$15.00
Safe Sitter Course6 hours $70.00
SOLO Courses (minimum 10 students)
Wilderness First Aid (WFA)16 hours $175.00
Advanced Wilderness First Aid32 hours $300.00
Wilderness First Aid Afloat16 hours $185.00
Wilderness First Responder (WFR) +CPR80 hours $600.00
Wilderness EMT Module48 hours $450.00
WFR Refresher (need current CPR)16 hours $175.00
WEMT Refresher16 hours $175.00
Wild Day8 hours $125.00
* Additional cost for books. Contact us for prices.