Congratulations Matt Wickey December EMT of the Month

Congratulations Matthew Wickey the December EMT of the month! Matthew is the newest member of San Juan EMS having just passed his National EMT testing. Along with his interest in medicine, Matt has worked as an outdoor educator and conservation biologist for the past 20 years in a multitude of programs and projects centered around conservation biology, adventure & environmental education, advocacy of traditional indigenous knowledge systems and community building. Matt has an academic background in Outdoor Education (BS) & currently wrapping up an MS in Conservation Biology/Sustainability Education. Matt is dedicated to community building and bringing youth, families, and individuals to a greater awareness of the natural world and the connections that exist and that need to be healed to sustain our future as a global community. Matt finds his passions and is accomplished in ocean sports, sailing, snowboarding, mountaineering, backcountry medicine, and has interests and background in organic farming, natural/ herbal medicine, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, and primitive living skills.