June EMT Recognition

San Juan EMS previously recognized one EMT each month as an “EMT of the month.”  The lieutenants who help mentor and manage our volunteers felt it was important to honor an EMT from each team that has been organized to help fill a 24/7 schedule.  There are three teams of about 11 EMTs that rotate between a week of days, a week of nights and a week off.  These teams are called, Bravo, Delta and Foxtrot.  Lieutenants from these teams meet each month and select a member from each team who has somehow stood out from the others.  It could be anything from having a great uplifting attitude to being able to fill in extra hours of service.  For the month of June the EMTs recognized are Senior EMT Herb Mason-Foxtrot, Senior EMT Dan Bacon-Delta and Senior EMT Tom Eades-Bravo.   The combined years of service between these EMTs is close to 84 years with San Juan Island EMS!!!  The knowledge and experience they share on each call is a benefit to new volunteers and their community. Thank you gentlemen and well done!