If you called 911, could we find you quickly?

Proper addressing is very important to our Emergency Responders at a time when every moment counts. Every home should be identified with numbers large enough and placed in a position to see easily. Reflective numbers shine at night by reflecting off the headlights of on coming vehicles.  The numbers should be 3″ or more in height, large enough to see at a fast speed.  The address numbers should also be on two sides facing traffic from both directions.

As an agency, we would like to begin a campaign to realize more reflective addressing on our islands.  We have chosen to stock a quality reflective post that has been utilized by the county in certain locations.  San Juan Island EMS can install if needed. A $30 minimum donation is suggested. The guidepost is a 30″ tall two-sided blue top with 3″ white reflective numbers. The post can hold up to 5 digits.  The installation is a pound-in installation internal stake.

For questions, contact Karl at San Juan Island EMS. 360-378-5152 ext. 4