July EMT of the Month

We are pleased to announce that we have a dynamic duo as EMT of the month!  Both Lindsey Banry and Gavin Guard have been selected as surpassing expectations and requirements in response, training, and patient care this month.  While both bring individual finesse to patient care, we can say without a doubt that both are passionate about caring for individuals in their time of need.  Gavin and Lindsey are only here with us seasonally as they are attending college for the remainder of the year. Gavin is pursuing education as a Physician Assistant and Lindsey is hard at work studying Physical Education and Nutrition.  We will be keeping track of these two as they accomplish their goals and hope they return to San Juan EMS when all is said and done.  Both are assets to our team of volunteers.  THANK YOU LINDSEY AND GAVIN!!!IMG_0517 IMG_0535