Keri Talbott

I have lived on the island over twenty four years, but did attend college at the University of Puget Sound before transferring to Eastern Washington University. I received a B.A. in Government and Business and played golf on a scholarship for the women’s golf team.

Currently I’m a mother of three children and a licensed foster parent. I manage a charitable organization called Children’s Account Needs, also known as “C.A.N” and participate on the board of Island Rec’s Children’s Festival.

I’ve worked for the Town of Friday Harbor in the finance office for over five years and love my job. I have tons of interaction with the public and work with a great crew. I volunteer with the Town Fire Department along with my husband; and when we aren’t volunteering or working- we love to golf and read. It is very exciting to be working our EMS crew and Hospital staff. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m look forward to the challenge of learning.

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