Island Air, Inc.UPDATED: Click here for some answers to some of the questions being asked about the Medevac Membership.

I am a SJCPHD district resident, land owner, or own a business within the district.  Do I need a membership with Island Air Ambulance?  NO.  You automatically get zero out-of-pocket billing for any ground, marine or air medical services provided by Island Air Ambulance.

I am NOT in the SJCPHD (those on Orcas, Shaw, Lopez, etc). Do I need an Island Air Ambulance MedEvac Membership?   YES, if you want to have no out of pocket expenses for air ambulance services provided by Island Air Ambulance. Click here to sign up.

Doesn’t the helicopter bring me directly to the hospital?   NO, in most cases.  Even if the helicopter lands at St. Joseph Hospital or any of the Seattle Hospitals, you must still be transported by ambulance from the helipad or the airport which is not covered by anyone’s air medical membership. Island Air Ambulances uses a BLS  ambulance (cheapest) to accomplish this to make this cost as low as possible because our air medical crews will continue your advanced care all the way to the hospital at no additional charge.

How is Island Air Ambulance funded?   Island Air Ambulance is solely funded through insurance billing with zero-out-of-pocket costs to our District residents and those with a MedEvac Membership.  No tax dollars are used to operate this life saving medevac service! 

What quality markers does Island Air Ambulance have? How do I know I am receiving the proper care? We are nationally accredited by CAMTS, the same organization that accredits all other air medical service in the State of Washington and nationally.  We are accredited at the critical care level for both ground and fixed-wing.

We are international competitive award winners of the 2013 Fixed Wing Award of Excellence.  We have top rated patient satisfaction and some of the best pre-hospital cardiac arrest save rates in the nation.  And with a flawless safety record and Island Air Inc, being the only recipient of the 5 Star Safety Award, you are in excellent hands!

Updated 12/02/2013