November EMT of the Month

Congratulations Joaquin Hubbard November EMT of the month!  Joaquin is a senior EMT with San Juan Island EMS as well as a long time firefighter with Seattle Fire.  He brings a wealth of experience and skills gleaned from working in the city over the years.  When Joaquin isn’t commuting between Seattle and San Juan he can be found wind surfing the waves of Jackson’s Beach and South Beach. His experience with high winds and cold water is invaluable in trainings where volunteers can gain experience with water rescue and treatment for hypothermia.  Joaquin is always willing to lend a hand in trainings even if that means braving the cold water.  San Juan EMS applauds Joaquin for the time he gives for response and training in addition to a busy fire schedule in Seattle.  Thank you Joaquin!!

Herb Mason coaching Joaquin from frigid waters