Patient Satisfaction #1 in the Nation

For the third straight quarter, San Juan Island EMS has been ranked the #1 EMS agency of small and medium sized agencies by the participants in the EMS Survey Team program.

San Juan Island EMS hires an independent outside patient satisfaction surveying company (Ems Survey Team) to conduct a blind patient satisfaction survey of 100% of all patients encounters with about a 24% return of the assesssments.  These results are tabulated and ranked against national benchmarks for the EMS inductry and against over 40 other small and medium sized EMS agencies across the counrty.  For the third time this year, EMS and Island Air aAmbulance has been the #1 ranked agency.

The latest report can be downloaded here.

Congratulations to the EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and pilots that make this happen every day.  And thanks to our community that is willing to take the time to complete the survey and give us the important feedback we need to continue to serve you with excellence.