Ready for the Summer

Record tourism and increased population necessitate a robust and world class EMS and transportation system here in the San Juans.  We have just that!  Island Air Ambulance is ready for the summer.  After a long winter of preparation of extra pilot training, additional medical training for the EMTs and Paramedics, affiliation with regional and national air medical associations, adoption of a national standard safety management system, and a revision of funding, IAA is in the best shape ever to assist our citizens and visitors.  Island Air Ambulance is a service of San Juan Island EMS with flight operations (pilots and planes) provided by Island Air, Inc.

If district residents need medial evacuation from the island aboard Island Air Ambulance, there is ZERO out of pocket expense, because residents have already paid their taxes.  Only their applicable insurance will be billed. For visitors to the island, we will work with you to bill your insurance, should you have an event that necessitates your med evac.

Stay safe, drive sober, and enjoy a wonderful and fun-filled summer in the San Juans!

Click here for our Island Air Ambulance Website.