AED Boat Flags

AEDThe San Juan Island Yacht Club had a cruise last weekend to Sucia Island.  A highpoint was a presentation by Fleet Surgeon Steve Enright regarding how boaters can minimize medical emergencies in remote waters.

He discussed the following:

  • Symptoms of heart attack and when to call 911 for a helicopter evacuation.
  • Giving aspirin as an emergency medication.
  • When and how to utilize Oxygen.
  • Control of various bleeding scenarios.
  • Various stroke symptoms.
  • Checking for pulse.
  • Drowning scenarios.
  • Personalizing first aid kits carried on boats.

He had an oxygen system and an AED which he demonstrated and several participants experimented with the oxygen.

Attached is the flag, that we have previously discussed with you, which will be flown on the boat containing an Oxygen system and an AED.  For more info, please contact Pam and Wally Gillette.