Summer Safety

The warm weather has finally arrived!  Welcome to summertime in the San Juan Islands.  A few quick reminders will help you enjoy the summer without some of the headaches.

1. Drink plenty of water, usually a 2 liter bottle’s worth of water each day. If you are more than sedentary, you may need to double that amount.

2. Watch out for the burning sun.  Our northwest skin is unaccustomed to the intensity and might burn more easily. Certain medications will enhance the effects of the UV light and can cause serious burns. Wear hats and clothing that cover ears, nose and shoulders.  Use sunscreen liberally.

3. Remember that the evenings can be quite a bit cooler than the daytime.  Be prepared to layer clothing as the sun goes down to avoid hypothermia, especially if you’re on or near the water.

4. Wear your bicycle or skating helmet while you’re out having fun. The mantra, “Wheels under the feet means a helmet on the head” is a great one for the kids to know by heart.

5. Alcohol and driving NEVER mix. If you party it up (even a little bit), get a sober ride home. 378-TAXI is an easy number to remember, and one that could save your life.

Have a great summer, and be safe. If you do experience an emergency, stay calm. Dial 9-1-1. Help is on the way!