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Stroke Signs and Symptoms

A “Stroke” or Brain Attack is when the brain’s blood supply is interrupted and the brain begins to be injured. The most two common causes are blood clots and plaque from excess cholesterol in the blood.

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Keri Talbott

I’ve worked for the Town of Friday Harbor in the finance office for over five years and love my job. I have tons of interaction with the public and work with a great crew. I volunteer with the Town Fire Department along with my husband; and when we aren’t volunteering or working- we love to golf and read. It is very exciting to be working our EMS crew and Hospital staff. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m look forward to the challenge of learning.

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Steve Williamson

Steve is one of our more experienced EMTs. He is also an accomplished pilot, having recently been certified in multi-engine instrument rating. He loves to hang out with his wife and kids here on the island when he’s not working for JetBlue Airlines as a flight attendant on the New York route.

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